Fire in the Zoo author, John Ross

Fire in the Zoo author, John Ross

John Ross is CEO, Independent Grocers Alliance. Previously he served as President, Inmar Promotions network, CEO IPG Shopper Sciences, and President, IPG Emerging Media Lab. He has held numerous retail roles including store management, merchandising, advertising, marketing, e-commerce, and more, for large retailers like Home Depot, and smaller independents as well. Over the past decade, John has applied his understanding of traditional retail operations to successfully develop new media, analytics and big data products for brands and retailers.

John has worked with some of the largest brands in the world including, among others, Coke, P&G, ConAgra, Schwab, Publix, Walmart, Fiat Chrysler, Sony, Bose, Google, AOL. While serving as VP of Marketing at Home Depot, has helped helped launch and grow some of the world’s largest propriety brands at retail.

He is the co-author of the Google Book, "ZMOT: Zero Moment of Truth." His latest book is entitled "Fire In the Zoo, a book about shopper influence, marketing mania, retailer chaos, advertising pitfalls, consumer confidence, converting customers and how screaming at people usually doesn't work."

John is a champion of data-driven decision making, shopper-focused marketing and active listening.

John has BA, BS and MBA degrees from Tulane University in New Orleans. He lives in Atlanta with his Marie wife of 25+ years where they have three kids and too many pets.