New site, new blog, new era

Welcome to the Fire in the Zoo website, and my blog. If you are here, you are already interested in the topic of shopper marketing. Whether you are from an agency, or a retailer or a brand, you spend your days trying to figure out how to get people to consider and buy your products. 

Shoppers today have more information, more access to product data, easier ways to learn about product choices than at any time before. And since many of those interaction are increasingly digital, we can see what they are doing. It;s like being able to hover over their shoulder, watch them make choices, and see what truly drives choices and what is simply noise in the system.

This blog will be a place to advance this dialog. Look for interviews with industry experts, conversations about emerging shopper science and new tools to listen to and respond to emerging shopper needs. 

I will also try and comment on marketing that seems to be shopper focused, directed toward the needs of those who are in the path to making a purchase decisions.